We can setup and maintain your district website with as much or little participation from you as desired. Typically, a new website will cost under $2000 to create. We can then manage your website monthly for $280. You send us your updates and they get posted within 48 hours.

Homeowner Management

We will proactively manage your relationship with your Home Owners Association (HOA). We do this by attending both your district meetings and your HOA meetings. We carry information and questions between the two entities allowing for better collaboration. Interested?  Read more down below.

Application Development

We can design and develop applications for any number of purposes. These can be utility type applications which perform a single and useful function to highly complex database systems. Depending on the complexity and scope of the work, we will develop a flat-fee for the development, but some jobs are done by a set hourly fee and billed monthly.


Homeowners Management

Traditionally in many utility districts there is a disconnect between the district and the homeowners.  We can help!  We attend both meetings reporting between the two.  Because we are experienced in utility delivery, we can help demystify the process with your homeowners.  If you share contracts, like garbage collection, we can assist in contract and service negotiations.  Here is what we provide:

  • Utility District - attend your monthly meeting and provide both a written and oral report of the latest HOA meeting. We will bring any questions or concerns to the district from the HOA.
  • HOA - attend one HOA monthly meeting and provide an oral update to the HOA on recent district activities which are made public. Actively participate as an agent for the utility district and refer any questions or concerns back to the district. If your district has more than one HOA, we can attend those for an additional fee per meeting. If not, we can create a rotation schedule to attend all the HOA's, but only one per month.
  • Water Smart Compliance Activities. We will attend at least one additional in-district resident activity per year and provide Water Smart information to your residents. During this activity, we will take pictures and provide a written summary of contacts and information provided for your Water Smart compliance.
  • Fee: $900 per month for 1 HOA, additional HOA meetings are $350

Product in Development - Meter Reading

We are currently developing the next generation of meter reading for utility districts and their operators. Here are just a few hints at what we are developing.

  • Field Technology Based- the meter reader will have access to advanced technology which will allow them to GPS locate the resident address they are reading. At no time will the meter reader have to touch pencil or paper.
  • Real Time Reading and Reporting. Meter readings will be done electronically and submitted directly (in real time) from the field. If there are issues with the meter or surrounding infrastructure, the reader can check a box and a report will automatically be emailed to the district operator for immediate review and field maintenance crews.
  • Photography. Life is just better with images and videos. The reader will provide at least one photograph at the residence which shows the meter and its current usage. The reader can also submit additional photographs and video which may be relevant to the reading.
  • QA Verification. The district or operator can have a person designated as the "Quality Assurance Reviewer". This person uses our cloud tool to review a sample of monthly readings, along with the photographs taken during the reading, to create a scorecard for both the reader and the operator.
  • Resident Review. I know you have all heard a resident say "Nobody actually reads the meter monthly!..." This product will allow the district operator to send any resident a link which will provide that concerned resident their meter reading history, photographs included. It can be scaled to include as much information as the district deems necessary.

Other Services

Letter Writing
Letter writing, especially to utility district residents, can be a daunting task. This is heightened during times of change such as Director elections, changes in water rates, or operational activities in the district. Let us help you craft the perfect message to your residents. We have 2 writers with many years of corporate and utility district specific writing which can make sure the message you want to convey is done so appropriately.

General Technology Consulting
Just need to site and talk about technological directions and priorities? We cam do this. We have access to consultants with decades of experience in many disciplines. We would be happy to provide whatever advice you need.

Speaking Engagement
We get asked to speak about a number of technology related subjects to different groups. One of our most requested presentations is to parent groups about kids and Internet technology. This information helps parents understand the dangers, warning signs of Internet abuse, and provides some practical guidance on how to monitor your children when surfing the web.